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Mommy Power

Two summers ago, Michelle Noehren gave birth to Irish twins—sort of. She delivered baby number one, Lillian, in May of 2011, and baby number two,, about three months later.

Mother and babies could not be doing better. Lillian is now a happy and healthy 2-year-old, and her “sister” has more than 500,000 hits and a Webster Award bestowed by Fox CT (Hartford Magazine’s sister company) for the best parenting blog.

Noehren, who lives in Glastonbury, started the website accidentally. As her due date approached, she started researching the basics, like child care and nursing, but soon discovered that though the information was out there, it was scattered among many sites. Thus the idea of linking it all together in one website was hatched.

Apparently she touched a chord, because within months her online community of and for women balancing work and family had grown to host 26 local bloggers who voluntarily share their personal, real-time stories, as well as dispense advice and provide valuable, hard-to-find resources.

“The website is really about honesty and being real about what it’s like to be a working mom,” says Noehren.

Staying true to her motto of “keeping it real,” Noehren and a bunch of other bloggers bared their post-partum bellies as a way to proudly acknowledge that their variously shaped and sized bodies are just as beautiful as the skinny celebs we see all over the media. The image of Noehren and Co. all clad in black yoga pants and sports bras went viral, and within days they were being whisked into New York for appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show and The View.

The website also caught the eye of none other than the quintessentialcollec torof

blogsherself—AriannaHuffington— and is now regularly featured in the Huffington Post’s Parents portal.

Like many children of working moms, Lillian likely will have a sibling soon to complicate things even more. The question is: Will have one as well?

—Amy Starensier Lee