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Best Chefs


Greater Hartford enjoys a wealth of great chefs. The lineup assembled by some of the more prominent restaurant groups alone, from which a number of chefs have gone on to individual greatness, would exceed the talent in many cities. In choosing Best Chefs, we were forced to limit our selections to just one chef from any restaurant enterprise or group. And there are many terrific chefs whose work we admire, some so appreciated that they are known by their first names alone, who didn’t quite make the list.

Although the chef talent in our area runs as deep as the Connecticut River, there was a select cadre that we think is recognized by the public and their peers as being the very best. We didn’t feel we were choosing them so much as publicly acknowledging them.

With great talent comes great responsibility, and many of these individuals — in addition to their talent and creativity in the kitchen — have been supportive of their fellow chefs, helped charitable causes and acted as role models.

Let’s raise a glass!