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Brighten Up: 10 Easy Designs for Spring Sparkle


1. Think white. Yes, I said white.  White walls are back in vogue but please beware, a coat of white eggshell on sheetrock does not win the battle. Punch up the texture by using Benjamin Moore washable matte or gloss finish. Depth is key, so hire a professional to create a lacquered white wall. This is more costly than a do-it-yourself paint job, but the result is total glamour.

2. Use wallpaper. I’m totally obsessed with the new patterns. Crocodile embossed paper in pastels and metallic… geometrics in strong colors. If you’re not a fan of wallpaper then faux painting can do the trick. Try large horizontal stripes or simple glazes.

3. To complete any look you need large pieces of art. Contemporary subject matters are best. They can add a burst of color to an otherwise bland room.

4. Gloss gloss gloss. Reflective surfaces bounce sunlight through a room. Mirrored chests give rooms extra sparkle.

5. Add a splash of color with silk flowers – no more wilted vases filled with murky water in your house!

6. Flower- and lime-scented candles, and tulip oil diffusers fill your room with the aroma of fresh-cut flowers.

7. Change your bedding. Shed those wooly blankets – pop them right back into the cedar closet. Cotton is key. So are large floral printed linens. Cover the rest of the bed in fine cotton sateen. Remember, the finer the linen the better the sleep.

8. Rearrange. Need to vacuum under that sofa? Try a new furniture arrangement while you’re at it.

9. Edit your accessories; more is not better.

10. Hardwood floors looking a little beaten up from those muddy boots? Add a fresh sheen with a buffed coat of wax or a quick layer of poly


Kellie Burke is the owner of Kellie Burke Interiors in West Hartford.