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I try to build up to wearing socks gradually. I usually start with those low ankle-length numbers before moving into regular socks. This is probably more than you have ever wanted to know about my relationship with socks, although there is one other thing I need to make clear.
Shouting “Fore” when you have hit a ball in another golfer’s direction is not the best warning. A more effective choice might be— “Concussion!” If you find a golf ball on the course it means you are about to lose a golf ball on the course..
Yeah, standing outside gazing into a night on the Fourth is like bearing witness to the bombardment of Fort McHenry. And every year as I watch the pyrotechnic displays that punctuate the sky as far as the eye can see, I have the same thought. This is a law that is not working.
WhenI boughtmy first pair of snowshoes years ago, Iremember alsopicking up amanual.Iwas about halfway through whenI realized the 100 pagesof instructionscould be broken down intoasingle sentence:Strap on the snowshoes,walk..
At first the homeowner’s mindset is, “You know, I really should ...” But then, as the winter progresses, the “should do” becomes the tyrannical “To Do” list. Although this escalation is often attributed to cabin fever, in most cases its cause is simply overreaching: trying to make perfect that which can never be perfect, a yard.
Here is a sampling of toasts guaranteed to get the lads and colleens up and raising their glasses. Memorize a few of these and your name could end up in the conversation when they are choosing the Grand Marshall for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade..
Cardealers aresoanxious tosellcars overthe President'sDaylongweekend thatyoudon't havetohave money,orcredit,oreven aworking pulsetowalk in and getthe carof your dreams. Imean, who knewcardealers weresopatriotic?.
By the calendar, January is 31 days. By the psyche, January is its own season. One does not take January day by day or week by week. One takes January minute by minute. January is like watching a clock and waiting for the hands to move ... only slower..
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