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Keep good records of your finances, including bank statements, tax returns, W-2s, investment accounts and any other assets you own. Be ready to explain any unusual deposits to your accounts. Yes, the $500 that Grandma deposited in your account for Christmas could delay your loan closing if you can’t prove where the money came from.
Magnificent estates abound in the West End of Hartford, many built by storied families with names like Morgan, Pope, Goodwin and Wilson. In the last century they played host to countless balls, scandals and soirees. Arthur Everett “Chick” Austin, Jr.
Some home design colorists are partial to pale blue, buttery cream and muted teal as colors to use this year, but the world’s most closely watched color expert is Leatrice Eisenman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, and her color choice for 2014 is the unabashedly romantic “Radiant Orchid."
Heck, this isn’t marriage. Go ahead and purchase that rug just because you like it. Décor doesn’t have to be permanent. It’s one thing to look around for options and purchase smartly within your budget, but don’t let time pass by and never decorate a room because you can’t make up your mind.
Attics and basements are the obvious places to store seasonal, overflow and keepsake items. But before you shove a bunch of cardboard boxes into the dark attic or damp basement, consider how and where to store your items.
Take, for example, the resuscitated Domino magazine. In it, just about every featured room proudly boasts one of these shaggy geometric patterned rugs — it’s as if they are a prerequisite for publication. But what is it that makes these floor coverings suddenly seem as ubiquitous as sisal?.
If you have a patch of chives or parsley in your yard, you have a head start on growing these multipurpose herbs: they can be dug up from your garden at the end of the growing season and placed in a pot. Leave the potted chives or parsley in a cool part of your house for a few days, and then transfer to your sunniest window.
Sophistication, flexibility, quality. You might associate those words with high-end home design and furniture, but they also describe what today's parents want for their children's rooms.
“I usually think of one thing I want to make. Last year I wanted a big, poufy skirt. Something in tulle. So I started there,” said Sally, whose husband, Ken, dressed as a storybook wizard. “It was just like Cinderella’s gown, it fell apart at midnight and turned into a pumpkin.
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