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Ever since it opened, Dish Bar & Grill, owned by chefs Dan Keller and Bill Carbone (as well as oral surgeon Paul Bocciarelli), has been a personal favorite for its elevated menu of American comfort foods.
“I distinctly remember the first shipment,” says Ada Ustjanauskas, one of the couple’s six children, who shares her mother’s first name. “It had hing powder, which is sort of … potent.”The foul-smelling spice, essential in some regional Indian dishes, transforms to an ingredient that is richly sweet and savory when cooked in oil.
That problem is seeing gradual improvement as the state and the country gain a palate for the peninsula. A win in that column came when Seoul Korean BBQ & Sushi, affiliated with two Colorado restaurants by the same name, opened near the Westfarms mall in December.
All adventurous epicureans please report to The Table. Not just any table, but “The Table,” a new series of monthly pop-up dinner parties lovingly created and curated by Linda Sample, owner of one of Connecticut’s green-certified catering companies, A Thyme to Cook.
“They can bring their favorite and save money,” says Kathy Denisiewicz of Spicy Green Bean, an American eatery in Glastonbury whose weekend BYOB dinners are a thriving part of the business. “It also creates a nice environment to chat it up if you’re feeling social and describe and share what you’re drinking.
Broad Brook Brewing’s story reads like a dream. Three guys, hanging out and brewing in a garage surrounded by fields and tobacco sheds, decide to hone their craft by entering a few competitions.
Middletown would have to have a great dining scene, right? After all, it’s centrally located and boasts a top university, miles of Connecticut riverfront, numerous scenic and historic attractions, and a long, stately Main Street that would seem perfect for restaurants.
 1. EATING ITSELF: The very act of eating can be inherently sexy. It involves the opening of a mouth, stimulation of its interior, the interplay of taste and scent, secretions of glands in
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