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If you’ve seen our Top Towns 2013 story, you might be wondering how we arrived at our rankings. We gathered data from a number of sources, including the schools (we parsed 84 individual test score r
Top Towns
All towns are not created equal. Because Greater Hartford spans the gamut from bucolic farm community to bustling city center, it's difficult to measure towns with a single yardstick. So we broke out our entire measuring toolbox, gathering information on more than three dozen factors, from school test scores to crime rate, property taxes to median home price, voter turnout to number of retail establishments. We then came up with 12 categories, representing different measurements of desirability. We weighted the data accordingly in each category to come up with rankings for small, medium and large towns. The result: the ultimate guide to the top town for you.
Best Bets
If the old-style uniforms don’t give away the fact that this isn’t today’s game, then maybe addressing the umpire as “sir” will. The Coltsville Vintage Base Ball League competes from May through August wearing the uniforms, using the equipment and adhering to the rules and culture of the 19th century game before it became a professional sport. It was a “gentleman’s game” where camaraderie, sportsmanship and team play is emphasized over batting averages and individual accomplishment. 11 a.m. Free.
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